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1987 4Runner History:
For 1987, the SR5 trim was available on all models, both truck and passenger, but the turbo engine was still confined to passenger models. Grill changes to 2-segment style, headlights become more rounded and new striping was added. Start of body-mounted step bumper. This was the last year for the Turbocharged EFI 22R.
1987 Full Specifications
1987 Full Standard & Options Listing
1987 Color Chart
Exterior Interior Top Comments
White Gray or Red White  
Gray Gray or Red Red  
Red Gray or Red Black  
Light Topaz Metallic Beige White Extra Cost Option
Garnet Red Metallic Red White Extra Cost Option
Brown Metallic Beige Brown Extra Cost Option
Silver Metallic Gray Black Extra Cost Option
Dark Gray Metallic Gray Black Extra Cost Option
Light Blue Metallic Gray White Extra Cost Option

1987 Toyota 4Runner
Deluxe Model in White

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