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Toyota Cargo Net:

Toyota 4Runner Factory Cargo Net

4Runner Cargo Net
Toyota does NOT offer an envelope style cargo net for the all new 2019 Toyota Rav4. The do offer a lay flat spider style net. My preference is for the envelope style that I had in my last two 4Runners. They keep items from sliding around the cargo area and also acts as a barrier for items that may otherwise fall out upon opening the rear hatch without such a net.
Since Toyota does not have a specific cargo net for the 2019+ Rav4, I used one designed for the 4Runner.

To mount this net, I started by drilling a small hole into the lower side panels in order to mount a small eye bolt. I then attached the lower corners of the cargo net using a cable tie to each eye bolt.
Using a trim removal tool, pry back the side panels and release the one retaining clip holding this upper section in place. Look behind panel and check for clearance to drill and mount the hook bolt.
Stretch the upper corners of the net to a location that seems best and mark place to be drilled out. Drill hole, insert bolt from behind the panel and thread the hook onto the bolt.
You can quickly and easily take the upper part of the net off the hooks for loading of main cargo area without needing to lift items over the net. Then hook net back into place and put your fragile items into the net itself.

Before Cargo Net

small eye bolts
used to secure lower part of net

use a trim removal tool
to pry back the panel and release the retaining clip

mark and drill your hole
for the upper hooks

insert bolt into hole
from the back of the panel

thread hook onto bolt

After Cargo Net


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