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Toyota LED Fog Lamps:

Toyota LED Fog Lamps

Toyota LED Fog Lamps

Toyota LED Fog Lamps
Installation Instructions
The all new Rav4 has really nice standard equipment Multi-LED headlights with chrome bezels. They are very white in color. But the integrated Halogen fog lights it comes with are very pale, almost yellow in comparison. It throws off the modern look of the front end and is a must change item.
While there are various aftermarket LED bulbs available as well as entire aftermarket replacement housings, I decided to go with Toyota's own replacement LED Fog lamps. I want the durability and reliability of a genuine Toyota product as well as have en exact match of the lighting color.
Toyota factory replacement high performance LED fog lights seamlessly upgrade your vehicle's standard halogen fog lamps and help provide brighter light with higher lumen output for increased visibility. They have extra wide coverage angle for increased visibility of the vehicles surroundings.
The Toyota LED Fog Lamps are available with either Chrome or Black housings. I went with the Chrome to match the headlamps.

These Toyota Factory LED Fog Lamps fit 4 Toyota models (56 model variants) between 2018 and 2019.
  • 2019 Rav4
  • 2019 4Runner
  • 2018-2019 Highlander
  • 2018-2019 Tundra
    Changing out the factory halogen fog lamps to these is a straight forward process. I have included the detailed Toyota LED Fog Lamp Installation Instructions in PDF format here on my website.
    Installation will only take an hour or two. First tip is to be careful with the fasteners holding on the wheel well coverings. To remove them you use a short handled flat tip screwdriver and pry the center section up a small amount then pull them straight out by hand. Next tip is when working in the wheel well, space is limited and you cannot see the second (of two) phillips head screw holding the fog lamp brackets in place. You can leave the hood open during installation to feel around and get a handle on where the screw is located as you will be working blind with this screw.
    These pics attempt to show you the color change to the much whiter LED Fogs, but it is hard to get the full effect in a photograph. The difference is very drastic in person and the Toyota LEDs match the LED headlamps perfectly. This was well worth the upgrade.

    Factory Halogen Fog on Left
    Toyota LED Fog on Right

    Toyota LED Fog on Left
    Factory Halogen Fog on Right

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