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1992 4Runner History:
The following changes have been made for the 1992 model year.
1. Model Line–Up
The 4Runner A44D 4–speed automatic transmission model has been discontinued. 4Runner 2WD models for Canada have been discontinued. An available Leather Trim Package adds a new dimension of luxury. Power steering and a rear wiper/washer are standard on all models. Spare tire is moved underneath body of truck. Leather seats are newly optional on four-door models with a V6 engine.
2. Exterior Design
A wing type rear spoiler and large FRP fenders are available as an option in 4Runner SR5V6 4–door models for Canada. A high–mounted stop light using LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) is integrated into the rear air spoiler. Large FRP fenders are available as an option in models equipped with 31 x 10.5 R15LT tires only. The design of the radiator grille, front bumper, aero headlights and molding treatments of the Truck and 4Runner has been changed to give each model a stronger, more modern style and to clearly differentiate the Truck and 4Runner market segments.
3. A340H Automatic Transmission
The operating conditions of the lock–up clutch have been changed to improve the shifting feeling.
4. VF1A Type Transfer
A neutral position has been added to the shift lever of the VF1A type transfer as in the RF1A type transfer to improve the control feeling.
5. Seat
The walk–in mechanism in the Truck Xtra Cab jump seat model has been changed to the fixed position return type to improve operability. The basic construction and operation are the same as for the same mechanism used in the ’88 Celica.
6. Combination Meter
The speedometer in all models is an electrical analog meter with the speedometer cable eliminated. The basic construction and operation of the speedometer are the same as in the Previa. An automatic transmission parking warning light has been added to the combination meter in models equipped with the A340F automatic transmission. The basic construction and operation of this light are the same as in the Land Cruiser.
7. Door Lock Control System
The door lock actuator has been changed from the solenoid type to the motor type to lower the operating noise and reduce weight. At the same time, a two–step operation unlock function, security function and key–off power window operation function have been added.
8. Daytime Running Light System
The daytime running light system in the 1991 model worked so that the low beam headlights operated at their normal operating capacity. In the 1992 model, the low–beam headlights light up at 80–85% of normal capacity.

1992 Toyota 4Runner

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