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1993 4Runner History:
The following changes have been made for the 1993 model year.
1. Model Line–Up
The 1–ton 2WD Truck models and long wheelbase 4WD Truck models for the U.S.A. have been discontinued. The 4WD 4Runner model for the U.S.A. with the W56 transmission has been discontinued. Four-wheel drive models come standard with 4WDemand system. Alloy wheels available only on V6 models, and now include chrome package.
2. 22R–E Engine
The emission control system of the 22R–E engine has been modified for the California model 4Runners only. (The emission control system will be the same as in the ’92 Truck 4WD model.)
3. 3VZ–E Engine
An auto–tensioner for the timing belt is used in the 3VZ–E engine.
4. Clutch
The size of the clutch has been increased on the 4WD models equipped with the 22R–E engine.
5. Other
A single cone type synchromesh mechanism is added to the reverse gear of the W55 and W56.


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