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1994 4Runner History:
The following changes have been made for the 1994 model year.
1. Model Line–Up
The 4Runner 2–door models have been discontinued. Optional leather can be had in new Oak color. Fully optioned with a CD-player, eight-speaker stereo, sunroof, leather seats and anti-lock brakes, 4Runner's price was approaching $30,000 - quite a departure from its beginnings some ten years earlier as a glorified pickup truck! But 4Runner hadn't forgotten its off-road heritage either, and remained as strong a back-woods performer as ever.
2. Exterior Equipment
A high–mounted stop light is now standard equipment.
3. 22R–E Engine
A EGR gas temperature sensor is used on all models to conform to OBD–I requirements.
4. 3VZ–E Engine
A sub–oxygen sensor has been added to the models for California. Also, an EGR gas temperature sensor is used on all models states to conform to OBD–I requirements.
5. Automatic Transmission
On automatic transmission models with the floor shift, a cap is provided for the shift lock override button located on the shift lever plate.
6. Brakes
A 4–wheel ABS (Anti–lock Brake System) is available as an option on the 4Runner with the 3VZ–E engine.
7. Body
A pipe type side protection beam has been adopted in the front and rear doors.
8. Lighting
A light auto turn–off system is available as a set option with the 4–wheel ABS. This prevents the headlights and taillights from being left on.
9. Cruise Control System
On the 4Runner with the 3VZ–E engine, the cruise control actuator has been changed from the vacuum type to the motor type.
All passenger seats (except the center) have an ALR (Automatic Locking Retractor) function in their 3–point ELR (Emergency Locking Retractor). The daytime running light system only operates the low–beam headlights. A new air conditioning system which uses R134a refrigerant has been adopted in the 4Runner only.


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